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Miss Sara's Starlets, July 2019
Grade 1 Ballet, July 2019
Christmas Performance 2021
Primary Tap exam, April 2019

Classes are held at Brackenwood Community Association, The Highwood Building, Brackenwood Drive, LS8 1RG

Pre - Primary


AcroDancer & Jazz

4.00pm to 4.40pm

Following the bbodance AcroDancer syllabus, we learn stationary and mobile tricks such as cartwheels, handstands and bridges and combining them with dance movements. There will also be elements of Jazz, with kicks, jumps, leaps and turns.


Preschool tap & ballet

9.00am to 9.45am

Musical Theatre

4pm to 4.55pm

A gorgeous preschool tap and ballet class, learning the fundamental elements of dance for the very first time in a fun and exciting environment. Following the bbodance

Pre-Syllabus and Introduction to Ballet syllabi, we will leap, bounce, turn, run, jump and march.  Don't forget to bring your favourite teddy bear along, too!

Singing, dancing and acting to all of our favourite songs from the musicals. Following the bbodance Musical Theatre syllabus.

Christmas Performance 2021


Primary tap & ballet

4.00pm to 4.55pm

Grade 2 tap & ballet

5pm to 5.55pm

Grade 1 tap & ballet

6pm to 6.55pm

We continue the bbodance syllabi with Primary, Grade 1 and Grade 2 tap and ballet. These are a safe and developmental programme of exam work that focus on technique, artistry and performance skills. As well as preparing students for examinations, all our classes provide students with an opportunity  to perform free work, dance and improvisation games and to rehearse for any performing events Sara Horner School of Dance become involved in.

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