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2018 was a good'un!

This is my first blog in a VERY long time, but I thought it would be a good excuse to use this overdue blog to do a little look back at 2018 at Sara Horner School of Dance...

Firstly,I have continued to be a very proud ambassador of Child Friendly Leeds in 2018, providing opportunities for children to access dance and promoting the importance of being active and healthy. Long may this continue in 2019!

My greatest achievement this year was the birth of my little girl and the youngest member of the dance school. Whilst getting to grips with motherhood, the very lovely Ceris held the fort covering my adult ballet class at The Dance Studio Leeds. Miss Zoe did a fantastic job taking on the children's classes. I hope she will teach for us again soon. Our Oakwood adult ballet and Lidgett Lane adult tap took a break whilst I was away, but I'm so lucky to have such loyal students because they all came back and started their classes again with me

in September!

Talking of our adult dancers and me, we ain't half a social bunch! Afternoon teas, lunches at Crag House Farm, after ballet coffees on Oakwood Parade, Christmas meals. Sometimes we do dance!

In the summer hols, Lidgett Lane Community Centre asked us to take part in their Summer Fayre, so we took the opportunity to show off our ballet class work. The dancers did brilliantly. So much so, that there will be more performing opportunities next year - watch this space!

We started September 2018 with 3 children's classes (Miss Sara's Starlets, Pre Primary and Primary) welcoming some new gorgeous 3 year olds starting their dance journey. Dance exams are on the horizon for our older children next year, so looking forward to lots more hard work and excitement.

There were spooky Halloween classes in

October (Miss Sara was a spider AGAIN

this year, but I promise to be something different next year), and a TAPATHON in November! We had so much fun, we are definitely taking part in 2019.

As I write this, I am also thinking about our little Christmas party tomorrow for our little dancers. Lots of games, treats and music. There may also be a mince pie or 2 for the grown ups. Such a nice way to end this year.

Well, 2018 has been lovely for our small and happy dance school, and I can't wait to see what 2019 will bring.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy 2019 filled with dancing!

Love Miss Sara x

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